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Swimsuits to buy in the winter for vacations Pin It
Photo: Stocksy/@campcoveswim

In the dead of summer, when you can’t stop sweating, it’s tough to get in that seasonally inappropriate but financially perfect mind-set required to snag the on-sale coat you know you’ll want come winter. But if you don’t, once the frozen-tundra-esque conditions set in (i.e., right now), you’ll almost definitely regret not having purchased that puffer jacket for a steal.

In order to protect you from this reverse of buyer’s remorse, I’ve found some of the most beautiful, comfortable, supportive, and on-trend swimsuits for your spring vacation plans. Generally speaking, the pool-ready picks follow athleisure trends (think monochromatic looks and color-blocked features) by finding new and innovative ways to mix high-fashion concepts with comfort and function. Although Off-White has yet to release its suits (or women’s Jordans), the upcoming launch is testament to the power of the minimal yet eye-catching swimsuit.

Get one (or five), and book that $2-per-day tropical getaway ASAP.

See the curated swimwear below.

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Make the most of your new swimsuits at one of these otherworldly black-sand beaches or at a millennial-pink ocean retreat.