Consider these supportive, stylish swimsuits your big boobs’ BFFs

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There are a lot of things I would rather do than shop for a swimsuit: watch a documentary about elevator mechanisms, scrub a pan that I’ve made cauliflower gnocchi in without soaking it first, get on the 405 during rush hour… the list goes on. I mean, honestly, let’s raise a glass to online shopping. There’s something infinitely better about trying on a swimsuit from your own home, surrounded by comforting things like mugs half-filled with old coffee and random shoes strewn across the floor. Even as someone who is comfortable in my own skin, there is something particularly soul-sucking about going into a dressing room and slipping into a skintight, skin baring article of clothing. And if you, like me, have boobs that are dense like dying stars, you likely have felt personally victimized by a swimsuit or twelve. They’re either not supportive or—sorry not sorry—they’re kind of ugly. Where are all the cute, supportive swimsuits?

I had a recent press appointment to check out a brand’s latest swimwear collection, and I made my appointment for 9 a.m. like the fool that I am. Let me tell you, getting across town to try on swimsuits for work during rush hour has got to be one of Dante’s circles of hell. But as I tried on the different suits, sans coffee but plus body anxiety, I realized something: when a swimsuit is able to make your big boobs look good and also give them the support they need, it makes such a difference. It’s like on What Not To Wear when a woman would get the right size bra and it would completely change how clothes fit. Death to swimsuits that don’t make your boobs look amazing, honestly.

So I rounded up 10 stylish swimsuits for big boobs. They’re like this Kris Jenner gif, but for your boobs. (Read: supportive AF.)

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