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Photo: Instagram/@jacquieaiche

Until recently, the majority of crystal jewelry tended to fall into one of a few categories—delicate mala beads, polished pendants, or big, chunky amulets. But a growing number of designers are giving high-vibe stones a capital-f Fashion makeover, many rendering them in the sculptural, graphic shapes that are seriously trending right now.

Some of these next-gen crystal talismans are functional, like Jacquie Aiche’s Potion Bottle necklaces—all carved from different healing rocks and designed to be filled with essential oils. Others are pure eye candy, like Kathleen Whitaker’s massive lapis- or aquamarine-slab earrings and Aesa’s blocky, androgynous chrysoprase cuff.

“I meet people in every country who understand the powers of nature these materials hold.”

No matter the end result, these architectural wonders are undoubtedly destined to appeal to those whose personal style skews more Saint Laurent than Spiritual Gangster. Consider it further proof of healing crystals’ continuing ascent from woo-woo niche to mainstream obsession—something Aiche predicts is more than a fleeting trend.

“I meet people in every country who understand the powers of nature these materials hold,” says the designer, who’s been creating fashion set-approved crystal jewelry since before people started placing chunks of rose quartz on their nightstand en masse. “That knowledge is rapidly growing as people connect with spirituality. More and more women are excited about this aspect of my jewelry.”

Up next: crystal crowns at Barney’s? (A girl can dream….)

Keep reading for 13 new pieces of crystal jewelry that are equal parts high-vibe and high-fashion.

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