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Maybe you drink apple cider vinegar on the reg (like I did for a week). Or perhaps you use the healthy ingredient in your go-to salad dressing. But slathering ACV on your face or washing your hair with it may not sound (er, smell) so beautifying.

Funky fragrance aside, however, ACV actually has some seriously holistic superpowers when it comes to your beauty routine—and it’s useful in far more ways than a DIY face toner.

“Apple cider vinegar’s really potent and versatile for skin and for hair,” says Adina Grigore, the natural beauty guru-author of Skin Cleanse, and founder of S.W. Basics, which incorporates the ingredient.

“It’s got the amazing ability to naturally balance your skin’s pH without disturbing the acid mantle, which is the acidic, film-like barrier that protects your skin from the elements,” she explains. Essentially, all sorts of skin woes thrive in an alkaline environment—so ACV helps neutralize that, as opposed to the way more harsh soaps work, which is by stripping your protective barrier (cue major irritation), according to Grigore.

ACV actually has some seriously holistic superpowers when it comes to your beauty routine.

And apple cider vinegar can also work wonders on your hair. “ACV not only helps balance your scalp’s pH, but it gets rid of all the excess gunk and buildup that’s accumulated over time,” says Grigore. “That means a healthier scalp and shinier hair.”

If you’re (rightly) concerned about ACV’s strong salad-dressing smell, don’t worry—it can be easily masked with essential oils and even water, or blended in these awesome products we tested. This way, your beauty game can still be on point without scaring away all the people that should enjoy it. Ready to add ACV to your regimen?

These are the best 6 ACV beauty products for amazing skin and hair we tested that won’t leave you smelling like salad dressing.

Get Started
apple cider vinegar beauty products
Photo: Fig+Yarrow

Fig+Yarrow Cleansing Nectar, $12

“Nectar” is a perfect word for this rejuvenating cleanser that uses apple cider vinegar’s gentle exfoliating enzymes to balance your skin. Plus, it has hydrating Manuka honey (you know, Kourtney Kardashian’s fave beauty ingredient) and ginkgo biloba for improving the circulation in your face—which helps to fast-track a healthy glow.

apple cider vinegar beauty products
Photo: S.W. Basics

S.W. Basics Toner, $22

It may be totally basic—I mean, this cult-fave toner has only five ingredients—but the results you’ll see are far from it. Raw ACV stands out as the superstar that totally cleanses and balances the pH levels on your face for a refreshed radiance. It’s essentially a step up from that DIY toner you’ve made at home.

apple cider vinegar beauty products
Photo: Marie Veronique

Marie Veronique Intensive Repair Serum, $90

In the skin-care guru’s collab with holistic facialist Kristina Holey, Marie Veronique blends incredibly powerful anti-inflammatories with ACV for a full-on attack of any breakout-causing bacteria—all without stripping your skin. In fact, there’s a healthy dose of probiotics within the serum to support the microbiome on your face (another key piece of the clear complexion puzzle).

apple cider vinegar beauty products
Photo: Essential Rinse

Younghee Salon Essential Rinse Purifying Scalp & Hair Toner, $29

If your shampoo and conditioner are dulling your hair, rinsing your tresses with this product (aptly dubbed a “hair toner) leaves your locks looking way better for the wear—less buildup, healthier scalp, more shine. And it smells floral, not funky, thanks to a gorgeous blend of botanicals like lavender, chamomile, and rose.

apple cider vinegar beauty products
Photo: Sans Ceuticals

Sans[ceuticals] pH + Shine Corrector, $40

Upgrade your hair game with this once-a-week treatment (yes, once a week!) from the new-to-America botanical-based brand. The spritz (housed in a chic glass bottle) leaves your locks deeply cleansed and looking shampoo-commercial shiny, due to pH-balancing ACV and vitamin B, which strengthens.

apple cider vinegar beauty products
Photo: Graydon

Graydon Face Foam, $25

Sensitive skin people, rejoice: In this cleanser, super-active ACV comes in a creamy, gentle form with willow bark and bamboo that soothe your skin while washing away impurities. And even though it’s foamy (that’s because of the special pump, not sulfates), it won’t dry out your skin. Score.

For other powerful skin-care ingredients, check out the DIY turmeric “Miracle Mask” Katie Holmes’ facialist swears by. And supermodel Miranda Kerr says she owes her glowing skin to this hard-to-find superfood.

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