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You’ve made your list, checked it 4 billion times, and still haven’t found the perfect gift for that friend who takes moisturizing as seriously as doing her taxes.

Until now. Aromatherapy leader Decléor has put together the skin-care gift packages of any beauty buff’s dreams—whether you’re shopping for your BFF or yourself. (No judgment!)

First up is City Retreat: The Hydrating Box, which includes AROMESSENCE™, a super-luxe serum boosted with neroli (AKA serious aromatherapy power), a 24-hour moisture-activating cream rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and a moisturizing body milk for a smooth-skin escape without parabens and mineral oil.

Want to gift her the ultimate self-care night? Beauty Powernap: The Radiance Box delivers just that. The luxuriousness starts with a radiance-boosting foam cleanser with exfoliating papaya extract, followed by glow-awakening cream and the superstar oil serum from above.

The best part? When you spend over $100, you’ll get 25 percent off! Just use code DECLEORFRIENDS at checkout. Holiday shopping = done-zo.

To scoop up these holiday gift boxes with a serious deal, go to

Photo: Decléor