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Photo: Instagram/@bellahadid

Chances are you see at least one of the Hadid sisters pop up on the internet or in your Insta feed every single day. The supermodel siblings are pretty ubiquitous, and yet still manage to look flawless at every sighting.

Of course, IRL even they don’t have the perk of Photoshop filters when pimples arise or sunburns happen. That’s exactly why Bella, for one, takes some beauty words of wisdom from her mother—OG Hadid supermodel, Yolanda—to heart.

In a recent interview with Glamour, the younger Hadid reveals the advice that keeps her skin glowing. “My mom didn’t teach me a lot about makeup growing up because I started wearing it around the time she had gotten sick [with chronic Lyme disease],” she says. “But she did always tell me, ‘Skin before makeup.'” In other words, it’s better to keep your complexion in tip-top shape rather than having to scramble to cover irritation on the surface (wise indeed).

“[My mother] did always tell me, ‘Skin before makeup.'”

To keep her skin’s health a priority, Hadid stays loyal to her skin-care regimen and always packs hydrating essentials. “Now I try to stay consistent with my routine, especially when traveling,” she says. “I don’t leave home without serums or oils.” Smart move, considering the model’s always zipping around the world (and that airplane air is not conducive to great skin). Looks like good advice is hereditary.

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