Editors’ Picks: October’s new natural beauty standouts

oct-best-beauty-picks Okay, so maybe you’re skipping the full hair and makeup Halloween costume this year. No biggie—between now and the New Year, there are plenty more festivities on tap.

This month, we’re greeting the holiday season with products that help you prep—like go-to makeup for every gathering, a killer natural deodorant that works even in high-stress situations (hello, Thanksgiving weekend with the family), and a pumpkin-ginger-scented hair cleanser that conditions at the same time. Plus seasonal new faves that fend off dry skin as temps drop and radiators crank up.

To see all of our picks, keep clicking. Missed September’s natural beauty standouts? You can find them here.—Larkin Clark


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Alima Pure
Alima Pure Pressed Foundation with Rosehip Antioxidant Complex ($34), Velvet Lipstick ($26), and Natural Definition Brow Pencil ($18)

The little secret to getting ready in a flash is tackling skin, brows, and lips in one fell swoop. And for that, you need just a trio of reliable, over-achieving products. This group is it—without any toxins, irritants, or artificial preservatives in sight. The lightweight rice- and mica-infused foundation gives you buildable coverage that’s also healing, thanks to anti-inflammatory aloe leaf, calendula, and chamomile extracts. The lipstick (in new fall shades Caroline and Louise) is high on mineral pigments and hydration. And with a special blend of jojoba and seed oils, the brow pencil goes on smooth and blends like a charm.

(Photos: Alima Pure)



Agent-Nateur-Deodorant Agent Nateur No. 3 Deodorant ($19)

Superlative alert: This is the chicest natural deodorant on the market to date. And it’s about to be a must-have for every women looking for one she doesn’t have to apply with her fingers. But it’s not just pretty packaging. This simple, doesn’t-crumble stick is a perfect swap for something traditional like Dove—it has a super clean ingredient list (including coconut oil, baking soda, and honey), barely has a scent, and doesn’t leave a ghosty white streak on your skin. It’s hands down (and arms up) the new natural gold standard. —Melisse Gelula

(Photo: Agent Nateur)



Wen-Conditioner Wen Fall Ginger Pumpkin Cleansing Conditioner ($40)

A conditioner that cleanses? Yes—and you won’t even miss your shampoo. Wen’s one-step wonder deep cleans without stripping your strands, and locks moisture into your hair and scalp with more than 15 botanical extracts and oils. And even if pumpkin spice lattes aren’t your thing, you can’t help but warm up to this conditioner’s autumnal scent, a blend of pumpkin seed extract, ginger root oil, vanilla, and clove.

(Photo: Wen)


we-love-eyes We Love Eyes Eyelid & Eyelash Tea Tree Cleansing Oil ($26)

Found! A natural eye makeup remover that can tackle stubborn liner and mascara without taking our eyelashes with it. In the name of serious beauty reporting, we applied our best cat eye and then put this non-toxic cleansing oil to the test. Just three drops on a cotton pad did the trick—with no stinging, excessive rubbing, or cloudy-eye aftereffect. And it has just three ingredients: tea tree, grape seed, and jojoba oils, which work together to moisturize and keep bacteria in check.

(Photo: We Love Eyes)


Odacité Pure Elements Oleosomes Time Release Delivery Crème ($68)

The newest skin-nourisher from careful beauty-crafter Valerie Grandury tackles hydration head on. While Grandury’s known for her powerful natural serums that targeted very specific skin concerns, this one is a slow-releasing moisturizer. It uses the genius action of seed oils, aloe, and hyaluronic acid, a combination that’s immediately soothing and has a stay-put, slow release action. Plus the texture doesn’t feel too thick or rich. It’s an example of skin-care savvy and restraint. —Melisse Gelula

(Photo: Odacité)


Mineral-Fusion-Mascara Mineral Fusion Volumizing Mascara in Midnight ($18.99)

If you thought colored mascara only came in chemical-laden tubes, your mind’s about to be blown: This pure mineral formula offers a hypoallergenic pop of color that’s free of parabens, artificial colors, talc, phthalates, and gluten, for starters. Plus, it plumps up lashes without clumping, flaking, or looking too over-the-top. Your teenage self would totally approve.

(Photo: Mineral Fusion)


E004471_S04 Oille Face Wash ($48)

For those days when your skin is battered by freezing wind, out-of-control heaters, and layers upon layers of concealer in an attempt to cover up your Rudolph-red nose, this botanical face wash will be your salve. It’s a mid-weight oil (castor, sunflower, and hempseed mostly), but don’t let that throw you off: The clinical-grade blend of rosemary, lemon, and sweet orange actually cleans your pores instead of clogging them. It can be used as a pre-wash makeup remover, too—just apply with a cotton pad and wipe the day away.

(Photo: Oille)


treat_collection_Remover Treat Collection Gentle Nail Polish Remover ($24)

When you rub this soy-based formula onto your nails, you’ll notice two things: There’s barely any scent (a huge relief for those of us with chemical-sensitive noses) and your cuticles are visibly moisturized instead of dried out. In what seems like a magical feat, Treat has formulated a nail polish remover without acetone or harsh acetates, loading it up instead with argan oil and vitamins A, C, and E. You might actually want to take off your nail polish before it even chips.

(Photo: Treat Collection)


Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial REN Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial ($60)

Sometimes you just don’t have time to sit around waiting for a face mask to dry. Good thing REN dreamed up this “overnight facial” to get the job done while you sleep. Fruit acids and fermented yeast get to work sloughing dead skin cells while black current seed oil nourishes your skin, so you wake up looking like you got a couple extra hours of sleep.

(Photo: REN Clean Skincare)


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