The best natural beauty fixes for end-of-summer skin

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Photo: Ann Sophie Fjelloe Jensen/Stocksy

Labor Day is upon us (can you believe it?), which means we all have one thing in common regarding the current state of our skin: it’s parched, freckled, and maybe a tad lackluster from days at the beach, those combo barbecue-workouts, or chilling poolside on a watermelon towel.

Which is why this month Well+Good editors are smitten with new, powerfully nourishing natural beauty products that deeply cleanse, seriously brighten, and heal dryness and acne with just the right ingredients (think milk powder and moringa oil).

How to get your skin and hair back on its—chlorine, what chlorine?!—healthy track? Check out the 9 new beauty products ready to rejuvenate your naturally good looks right now.

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fig and yarrow cleanser
Photo: Fig+Yarrow

FIG + YARROW Palmarosa + Charcoal Foaming Cream Cleanser, $19.99

A foaming cleanser that battles breakouts without any crappy chemicals.

Constantly applying sunscreen to my fair skin has the unfortunate side effect of making me more prone to breakouts. But anything billed as “acne-fighting” typically dries out my skin, so I try to balance things with a heavy moisturizer…vicious circle. But this cleanser kept me from breaking out while keeping my face dewy. That’s probably the organic olive fruit oil and soothing palmarose working their hydrating powers. Another reason I love it? The super invigorating lemony scent.

lily lolo illuminator
Photo: Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo Champagne Illuminator, $26

For getting—and keeping—that summer glow.

As a fair-skinned redhead I don’t exactly get that natural summer glow, so I usually need to tap a little product magic. This skin-booster gave me the perfect fresh-faced dewiness without looking streaky or shiny—plus the hydrating argan and pomegranate oils in it prevent the dryness that you can get from using heavier foundations. I just a little dab on my cheekbones and in the corners of my eyes for that awesome barely-there makeup look.


humankind apothecary
Photo: HumanKind Apothecary

HumanKind Apothecary DIY Milk Protein Brightening Mask, $18

The perfect post-sun mask—especially for DIY lovers.

My skin not only rebounded from a day at the beach when I used this, but it was also the most fun I’ve had with a beauty product in a while. The just-launched upstate New York apothecary’s line of DIY powder masks and hydrosols are meant to be mixed and matched, depending on your current complexion needs—you blend them by hand in a bowl and then apply the mixture to your face with brush. This one uses white kaolin clay, which draws out grime, and milk powder, which has near magical brightening and hydrating powers.

Photo: Farmacy

Farmacy Honey Savior, $34

Step slowly away from the Vaseline, and slather on this revitalizing salve instead. 

All-in-one-repair salves come in handy when your heels are chapped, your elbows and knees are wrecked from boot camp, and you have weird dry patches that probably need some TLC lest they become an inflamed mess. This salve’s super powers come from Greenenvy honey (bees enjoy echinacea for this one), plus royal jelly and propolis, all cultivated on the farm-to-face brand’s land in Sullivan County, New York.

kjaer weis lipstick
Photo: Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis Lipstick in Empower, $56

The bold, matte lipstick you’ve been looking for—made with certified organic ingredients and housed a super-chic tube that’s refillable.

This is lip color that means it—what you see in the (futuristic, silver packaging designed by product guru Marc Atlan) tube is exactly how it goes on. Add in the sustainability component, and I had plenty of reasons to pucker up. The shea butter, rosehip, and jojoba oils make sure your lips stay kissable, too.

sunday riley ufo oil
Photo: Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley U.F.O. Oil, $80

A multi-tasking facial oil that heals acne that also seriously nourishes with superherbs. 

Sunday Riley’s new facial elixir is actually out-of-this-world. It’s a beautiful jade color, and has a faint tingling sensation thanks to salicylic acid (plus tea tree oil to attack blemishes from all fronts). But it’s balanced with super-calming skin superfoods like milk thistle seed oil, turmeric, basil, and a long list of others. The next morning, some inflamed breakouts on my chin had seriously chilled out while the rest of my face appeared dewy and hydrated (for once).

kypris cleanser
Photo: Kypris

Kypris Cleanser Concentrate, $64

A glow-bestowing cleanser that pulls more grime and makeup from your skin than a product this gentle should.

Using this gorgeous cleanser reminds me of my wrinkle-free grandmother’s devotion to cold cream: You massage in the moisturizer-like combo of prickly pear (a brand obsession), shea butter, and a moringa extract that’s deeply hydrating and healing. After a week, the cleanser becomes a major glow-bestower, such that doing much else to your skin—other than pressing on some serum—becomes pretty much unnecessary.

rahua control cream
Photo: Rahua

Rahua Control Cream Curl Styler, $26

It calms frizz, styles curls without crunchiness, and smells like a Palo Santo dream.

My coarse, thick curly hair has a nearly monogamous relationship with the hydrating nut oils in Rahua’s Finishing Treatment, a product that performs non-stop moisturizing miracles. And this Control Cream works just as brilliantly, but as a styling product it’s way better equipped to tackle the curls I’m always trying to un-ringlet into beach waves. It’s also super hydrating, so I’m thinking a cheat day here and there is fine.

uma body oil
Photo: Uma

Uma Absolute Anti-Aging Body Oil, $90

Luxe packaging and an exotic scent blend in one hard-working moisturizer.

This oil soothed my skin while absorbing super-quickly (read: no greasiness to speak of). And if the pretty bottle isn’t enough of a reason to keep it out, the intoxicating organic essential oil blend (which stars pomegranate, moringa, and neroli oil) from founder Shrankhla Holecek’s 100-acre family meadow in India should do the trick.

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