9 game-changing new beauty products perfect for the cold weather

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Photo: Stocksy/Jovana Rikalo

As the last leaves fall from the trees, this is your friendly reminder that the true winter cold is coming. So as we plan our holiday party outfits (leggings are an option, BTW), warm up with adaptogen-boosted elixirs, and step up our bath rituals, we’re also mid-transition to a heavier-duty skin-care routine.

Hence the abundance of richer moisturizers and indulgent soaks flooding beauty shelves to ensure that your skin’s prepped for that pesky back-and-forth between the freezing outdoors and ultra-drying office heat. This month, Well+Good’s editors tested out all of the latest releases—and zeroed in on a creamy balm, an invigorating (and high-vibe) facial mist, an easy-to-apply coconut oil, and six more superstars that will help you maintain your gorgeous complexion. Space heaters, consider yourself warned.

Keep reading for the nine Well+Good editor-approved new beauty products that will keep your skin rejuvenated all winter long.

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Photo: Frank Body
Photo: Frank Body

1. Frank Body Coconut Body Balm, $25

The second the weather dips below 50 degrees, my poor hands turn red and dry. Frank Body’s new body balm has been lifesaving—applying it just once a day keeps my mitts silky smooth. Even better: The sweet coconut and coffee smell (all naturally derived) mentally transports me to a mini vacation. Pro tip: Close your eyes and inhale deeply as you massage the balm into your hands.

little barn
Photo: Little Barn Apothecary

2. Little Barn Apothecary Geranium + White Tea Beauty Mist, $34

If you’re as obsessed with facial mists as I am, I’ve got important news: There’s another one to add to your stash. This one from Little Barn Apothecary packs a hefty dose of catechins, the super-boosting antioxidant found in white tea leaves. Meanwhile, geranium oil acts as an astringent (to minimize the appearance of fine lines) and increase circulation, providing a noticeable hydrating glow. Plus, it smells like burying your face in a bouquet—a welcome sensation in any pre-coffee beauty ritual (or in the office bathroom at 4 p.m.).

Photo: Nubian Heritage
Photo: Nubian Heritage

3. Nubian Heritage Honey & Black Seed Body Wash, $12

As soon as the season changes, I begin fighting what is often a losing battle against dry and itchy skin. This body wash—which features Arabian honey and black seed oil rich in antioxidants—is creamy and softening, doing the job of a hydrating moisturizer before I even leave the shower. While I still follow up my washing routine with body lotion, my skin is actually soft and silky—hurrah!

mun cleanser
Photo: Mun

4. Mun Akwi Purifying Cleanser, $60

Facial oil fans looking to winter-fy their skin-care routines can rejoice: Mun’s newest creation is an oil-based cleanser that’s ultra creamy (yet not pore-clogging) and quenches my skin’s craving for a thicker, milkier product. It’s excellent at removing makeup—even waterproof mascara—and has moisturizing castor seed, argan, and rice bran oils that leave my face feeling soft and rejuvenated. Oh, and it restores the skin’s natural pH, which is key for keeping things balanced and managing breakouts.

Photo: Organic to Green
Photo: Organic to Green

5. Organic to Green All-in-One Liquid Coconut Oil in Jasmine-Ylang Ylang, $12

Buying coconut oil in a jar from the grocery store is great—but having to heat it up or rub between fingers to get it to the appropriate consistency to act as a beauty aid? Not so much. Enter this liquid oil, which never solidifies and glides on in a juicy spritz. You can use it as makeup remover, shaving oil, and in a DIY scrub—but for me, the clincher was spraying on post-bath for instant, non-sticky moisture that sunk right in for total-body hydration. Insider scoop: One pump rubbed on frazzled strands is a morning dry-hair savior.

Photo: Cocovit

6. Cocovit Mint Lip Polish, $16

Sad but true: Your balms and glosses can’t repair flaky lips. But this lip polish is actually up for the task. That’s because it contains little sugar granules that exfoliate your mouth when you massage it in, thereby smoothing your chapped situation. The other ingredients are super nourishing and clean (like coconut oil grown and pressed on the do-gooder company’s farm in India), so you won’t mind putting them on your lips.

Photo: Urb Apothecary

7. Urb Apothecary Highlighting Serum, $22

Highlighters are my favorite makeup item to use when I’m looking to step up my glow—but they’re not always so easy to do correctly (one fell swoop and you can look too shimmery).  That’s why I’m loving this new mineral mica highlighter from Urb Apothecary—it’s a rollerball, which makes applying to that perfect spot on your cheekbones a cinch. And it’s a serum, with argan and rosehip seed oils that add moisture as it gives you that subtle celestial sparkle.

ildi pekar
Photo: Ildi Pekar

8. Ildi Pekar Thermal Water Tonic with Quartz, $88

Inspired by Hungarian thermal baths, celeb facialist Ildi Pekar created this all-over mist (which has Hungarian thermal water as its star ingredient) that can immediately transport you to a Zen state. That’s thanks to the magical thermal water—which is said to help with acne as it hydrates—and invigorating peppermint and rosemary smell that can elicit spa vibes even at your desk. Each glass bottle contains an amplified clear crystal quartz that wards off negativity and boosts your immunity, so you’re truly a spritz away from (great smelling) high vibes.


indie lee
Photo: Indie Lee

9. Indie Lee Grapefruit Citrus Bath Soak, $28

It’s that time of the year where you’re more inclined to hit the tub rather than your local bar—so consider these salts your wintertime self-care companion. Pour a heaping handful of the beautifully pink (that’s the Himalayan salt) soak into your bath, breathe in the invigorating grapefruit-citrus notes, and let the natural minerals take you to a place that isn’t freezing. Your body will feel baby-soft and those sore muscles from HIIT class will thank you.

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