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Best of 2012: Good Looks

This week we’re highlighting our favorite stories in categories like Good Sweat and Best Refrigerator Look Books of the year. All of these “Best of” stories made our readers click, comment, think, and smile. Some probably led to diet or workout changes; some inspired 2013 resolutions.

Here are our best Good Looks stories from 2012, in no particular order. Let us know, in the Comments, below, if we missed your favorite.

1. 6 celebrities who love natural and organic beauty
When the cameras are off, these six celebs—some of whom you may have spotted on the red carpet—are natural beauty mavens.

2. 4 new fitness brands that win our Fashion Week awards
Fashion Week officially wrapped up yesterday, but these four trend-setting fitness brands were missing from the runways. We give them the spotlight they deserve.

3. 10 natural ways to deal with acne that really work
It’s easy to feel like you don’t have control over breakouts. But clinical facialist Mandy Epley shares natural remedies for doing just that.

makeup4. 9 essential natural sunscreens
We like our sunscreens loaded with minerals—that is, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide—not chemicals. These nine road-tested picks top our list.

5. 6 best hairstyles for working out
We polled Well+Good readers on Facebook and Twitter for how you like to wear your hair during a workout or a yoga class—practical? Pretty? Sparkly Souled?

6. 3 ways to make your natural makeup last longer
Touching up during the day? Celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno shares her tips for making your natural look last.

7. 10 lust-worthy designer sneakers
Luxe labels from Balenciaga to Mulberry elevate the workhorse tennis shoe for a look that’s seriously sidewalk (and catwalk) worthy.

8. Paraben update: New research on beauty’s most problematic preservatives
Two new studies shed more light on the ways these controversial chemicals found in beauty products can affect your health.