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Best of 2013: Fitness Fashion

The ultimate guide to yoga pants
The ultimate guide to yoga pants


This week, we’re highlighting our favorite (and most popular) stories in categories like Good Sweat and Good Looks, plus the most controversial stories, most interesting fridges, and more. All of these “best-of” articles made our readers click, comment, think, and smile (or frown). Some probably led to diet or workout changes; some may inspire 2014 resolutions.

Here are our best Fitness Fashion stories from 2013, in no particular order:

1. The ultimate guide to yoga pants
Black yoga pants are a staple in every woman’s workout wardrobe. We bring you the top 14 pairs of the year.

2. 14 fashion-forward functional sports bras
You won’t have to choose function over fashion with these 14 picks for every cup size and any workout.

Fall Gym Bags
9 stylish gym bags you’ll actually want to be seen with

3. 9 stylish gym bags you’ll actually want to be seen with
With a slew of new—and super pretty—backpacks, totes, and duffels for fall, it’s time to carry a gym bag that’ll do justice to the rest of your stylish self.

4. Hot looks to wear to the barre
The boutique workout craze now has clothing made especially for tucking, toning, and quivering at the barre, like extra long leggings and chic contouring tanks.

5. 11 hot new fitness fashion brands to sweat in this summer
Fitness fashion gets more diverse and exciting every day, and this spring saw the launch of a slew of new brands and collections. Here’s what to wear.