Best of 2013: Good Looks

From standout non-toxic beauty products to juice recipes for great skin, these stories made readers look and feel their natural best in 2013.
Secrets of fitness models
The secrets of fitness models (Photo: Natalie Uhling for Yellowline Photography)


This week, we’re highlighting our favorite (and most popular) stories in categories like Good Sweat and Good Looks, plus the most controversial stories, most interesting fridges, and more. All of these “best-of” articles made readers click, comment, think, and smile (or frown). Some probably led to diet or workout changes; some may inspire 2014 resolutions.

Here are our best Good Looks stories from 2013, in no particular order:

1. The secrets of fitness models
How do fitness models eat? What are their workouts? Six athlete-models share their healthy know-how.

2. 14 beauty uses for coconut oil
Never mind that it’s found in the kitchen, coconut oil has become the moment’s most obsessed about natural beauty staple.

3. 9 amazing all-natural perfumes
Giving perfume is meant to be a romantic gesture, not a toxic one. So we’ve rounded up the best new natural perfumes that won’t kill the mood with chemicals.

Shiny hair in one shot
7 products that give you shiny hair in one shot

4. Juice recipes for great skin from Joanna Vargas
The holistically-inclined facialist behind such celebs as Michelle Williams and Naomi Watts explains why you’re a green juice away from great skin.

5. 7 products that give you shiny hair in one shot
Yes, technically hair is dead. But it doesn’t have to look that way. These all-natural shine-boosters help it look healthier in one shot.

6. 11 standout fall beauty products we love
September is a time of renewal, your skin cells included. We picked the best new, natural beauty products that you need in your regimen now.

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