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Best of summer: Fashion and beauty news

KateyDennoHopefully, you’ve been keeping up with your Well+Good reading all summer long.

But if between jaunts to the Hamptons and beach days in the Rockaways you ditched the laptop for toteable, trashy paperbacks and missed a few things here, we totally understand.

So, we’re rounding up our best stories of the summer to give you another chance to catch up on the latest healthy New York news before the frenzy of fall sets in.

Here are the best fitness fashion and natural beauty stories you may have missed this summer:

3 ways to make your natural makeup last longer
Touching up during the day? Celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno shares her tips for making your natural look last.

Tracy Anderson launches a luxe line of workout leggings for Edition01
Today, the dance-cardio guru (and branding genius) adds “fashion designer” to her resume with a collection of workout leggings that cater to four body types.

How to make your beauty bag look like Alicia Silverstone’s
The Clueless star turned eco-living expert just helped create a line of organic products for Juice Beauty. We auditioned it for a role in our skin-care regimen.

Splits 59James Corbett opens an organic beauty salon and pedicure garden
With his new salon on West 19th Street, the celebrated colorist confirms his role as head of state on New York’s natural beauty scene.

Fall fitness fashion preview: 6 trends to watch for
We tapped fashion-forward fitness brands to find out what’s in store for fall. Get ready for back-baring tanks, color-blocking tights, and more.

Detox partners: Tata Harper and Organic Avenue launch a juice and skin-care cleanse
Organic beauty guru, Tata Harper, and Organic Avenue pioneer a combo cleanse that includes detoxing skin-care products and juices.

1-minute makeup: How to apply it faster and better
W3LL PEOPLE launches at Henri Bendel with must-have multitasking makeup that you can apply in 60 seconds flat.