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Photo: Stocksy/Trinette Reed

Although your favorite towel is an integral part of your self-care Sundays and post-workout rinses, if you’re like most millennials, chances are—besides being stressed and loving pink—your towel inventory is lower than it should be, raggedy, and not washed nearly often enough. Really? Just me?

Well, regardless, your towel supply could probably use an upgrade—whether you bought a regrettable color on a whim, accidentally purchased a set so coarse that it might as well be sandpaper, or are still clinging to some decades-old numbers you snuck from your parents’ house. And, thanks to Amazon’s nifty review feature—which can also solve seemingly mundane chores like figuring out how to pick bedsheets, silk pillowcases—selecting new towels to totally transform your shower ritual should be as simple as dressing in cozy, hygge-approrpiate garb. (Read: super simple.)

The following six towels received more than 1,000 reviews of at least four stars—which is pretty impressive. I mean, what would it take for you to sit down to write a glowing review of one?

See the best customer-approved towels on Amazon below.

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