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The white tee celeb yoga instructor Beth Cooke absolutely lives in

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Photo: Rene Choi/ Graphic: Well+Good Creative

You’d think yogis travel with all sorts of magical things on them, like essential oils, palo santo, and rose quartz crystals. Well, you’re not exactly wrong…but considering they also live their lives in athleisure (it’s their job, after all), they tend to know the best-of-the-best when it comes to the essentials—like white tees and grey hoodies—that you need to live your very best life. Take yoga guru Beth Cooke, for example, whose accouterments give off all sorts of good vibes.

The yogi (who’s Lena Dunham’s personal instructor, BTW) teaches at Sky Ting in New York City, and is known for setting her sequences to rocking playlists that you won’t be able to get out of your head for days. And this summer, she’s taking her yoga practice on the road to the Hudson Valley, where she’s co-leading the Well+Good Retreat at the Cedar Lakes Estate, alongside Lauren Bille. As she turns an eye to packing, these are the  good-vibe wellness essentials that she keeps with her all the time, from a crystal carrier (yes, really) to a light-as-air hoodie.

Keep reading to see what Cooke carries with her at all times.

beth cooke
Photo: Susan Alexandra

Susan Alexandra Strawberry Pouch, $65

“I use this strawberry crystal pouch to hold my crystals—usually rose quartz, tourmaline, and amethyst or smokey quartz. I can’t leave home without it.”

beth cooke
Photo: Sakara

Sakara Beauty Water Concentrate, $39

“This contains major electrolytes for ultra hydration and glowing skin—I love them!”

beth cooke
Photo: Bandier

We Over Me Zen Hoodie, $65; Calé Amalie Tee, $68

“My We Over Me gray sweatsuit is the absolute softest and cutest crop hoodie and sleek sweatpants from Bandier. Also my Calé T-shirt is the softest T-shirt I own. Both let me feel like I’m not wearing any clothes and that feels so, so good.”

beth cooke
Photo: Palo Santo

Palo Santo Sticks, $9

“I take Palo Santos sticks with me everywhere I go to clear energy and make any space feel and smell sacred.”

beth cooke
Photo: Isle of Roses

Isle of Roses Rose Hair Oil, $65

“This oil smells delicious and is super light yet has the ability to make my hair look Photoshopped in the best way ever. It helps to tame my wild locks.”

To get first-hand knowledge straight from Beth, come to the W+G Retreat! Email for more info.

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