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Photo: Instagram/@Beyonce

If you’re not living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the news—Beyoncé is pregnant. With twins!

But while she was alerting the world to the news that Blue Ivy is a single (lady) offspring no more, more big news about the superstar was released under the radar.

Ivy Park’s second collection—and corresponding #girlpower campaign—dropped this morning (coincidence?).

Filled with cool-girl pieces in mossy green and black, and fierce details like palm print mesh and statement waistbands, the collection itself is fairly similar to its first iteration: sporty bodysuits, slouchy hoodies and sweatshirts, and sports bras and tanks with laser cut-outs.

But while the Ivy Park message has always centered on sisterhood and fierce women—with Beyoncé leading the charge—the new campaign ads also spotlight an array of powerful and diverse women that all use fitness and feminism as inspiration in their creative fields.

The three women featured alongside Queen Bey are: Black-ish actress Yara Shahidi, rising model Sophie Koella, and music royalty Selah Marley (as in: Lauryn Hill’s daughter and the late Bob Marley’s granddaughter). All are passionate about fitness, well beyond the occasional sweat sesh: Shahidi is a black belt in karate, Koella is a major skier and runner, and Marley is a gymnast-turned-avid basketballer.

Beyonce’s never been one to do anything small, but today can officially mark her as the queen of breaking the internet. (With 5 million likes and counting…)

Let the countdown to the #cartertwins begin.

Scroll down to check out Ivy Park’s spring campaign shots—and shop the full collection online today.

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Photo: Ivy Park
Photo: Ivy Park


Photo: Ivy Park
Photo: Ivy Park


Photo: Ivy Park
Photo: Ivy Park


Photo: Ivy Park
Photo: Ivy Park


Photo: Ivy Park
Photo: Ivy Park

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