The rad way Beyond Yoga is redefining the yogi stereotype

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Barbie Ferreira. Photo: Beyond Yoga


Following your favorite trainer on Instagram, double-tapping quotes, and seeing someone you admire nail a handstand scorpion can be just the extra push you need to climb out of bed and make it to that early morning yoga class. But other times, there are posts that just don’t make you feel good—like seeing the same sort of body type over and over again in your feed.

But that’s changing, thanks to Barbie Ferreira, Rachel Moore, and Natasha James—the stars of Beyond Yoga‘s new “All Kinds of Beautiful” campaign, launched to mark the activewear brand’s 10th anniversary.

Together, the three new models are a powerhouse of inspiration. Ferreira, a leading voice in the body positive movement, has followers on Instagram who look up to her so much, they call her mom. Moore is a fearless adventurer and biologist, and James is the founder of the vegan “junk food” line Raw Cells.

The whole idea behind the campaign is that beauty is diverse: a thought so simple that it shouldn’t need to be reiterated (but we can’t say it enough!).

And this is no empty rhetoric. The women-founded brand backs up its body-positive message with action, offering its chic, super-flattering activewear in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL—and never retouching any of its images.

In October, look out for a new Beyond Yoga capsule collection, whose proceeds will be donated to Raw Beauty Talks, a non-profit on a mission is to support the mental and physical health of girls and young women by increasing their self-confidence and cultivating positive body image. Cheers to that!

Check out more “all kinds of beautiful” looks below and visit for more information on the campaign.
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beyond yoga
Photo: Beyond Yoga

beyond yoga
Photo: Beyond Yoga

beyond yoga
Photo: Beyond Yoga

Photo: Beyond Yoga
Photo: Beyond Yoga

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