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Photo: Stocksy/Nabi Tang

If there were ever just one true activewear wardrobe staple, it would have to be black leggings, IMO. The beauty of them lies in their versatility: You can dress them up (even make them work appropriate) or down. Pairs designed with even the most performance-oriented fabrics and sweat-wicking detailing can look incredibly chic when styled with a classic sweater-and-boots combo. Or simply use them as the fashion gods intended—to work out.

The one catch? Leggings can be super-expensive these days, with seemingly every fashion designer rolling out activewear and athleisure capsules. But they don’t have to have a crazy price tag to look and feel amazing. In fact, some of the best black options are under $50—and still have cool-girl details that appear pricey without doing major wallet damage.

Scroll down to shop 12 pairs with cut-outs, bold logos, mesh details, and more.

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