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9 Breathable Face Masks to Keep You Comfortable All Summer Long

Tehrene Firman

Tehrene FirmanJune 11, 2020

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I was actually getting used to wearing a face mask in public before the temperature crept up into the 80s. During the summer heat, the wrong mask can make you feel like you’re in the steam room at the gym. And don’t even get me started on the icky wet feeling that results from all that moisture being trapped inside. Luckily, swapping heavier fabrics for more breathable masks makes all the difference.

According to Rand McClain, DO, chief medical officer of Live Cell Research, typical non-medical grade face masks (aka not the N95 masks worn by medical professionals) provide anywhere from 10 to 30 percent increased protection against COVID-19 when you wear them. Knowing that, a good argument can be made to make masks more comfortable and breathable, starting with the fabrics you choose, he says.

“Cotton, wool, polyester, and other fabrics—preferably all washable—can be used,” says Dr. McClain. “The weave and its density are responsible for its breathability as well as its protection, but—in terms of protection—most any fabric one chooses will provide significant protection to others, and therefore ultimately to oneself as part of the community, from transmitting the virus through droplets and aerosolized breath.”

Keeping a few good breathable masks in rotation will keep you comfortable as temperatures rise and humidity intensifies.

9 breathable masks that are perfect for summer

1. Matteo Cotton Face Mask (Set of 5), $25

breathable mask
Photo: Matteo

Can you beat face masks made from bedsheets? These breathable masks are made from 100 percent cotton with comfortable linen ties and a pocket for an optional extra layer of protection.

2. Kitsch Cotton Face Mask (Set of 3), $12

Photo: Kitsch

These pretty masks are made up of 100 percent cotton. They’ll help keep you safe and allow you to breathe easily… not to mention have you looking cute in the process.

3. Society6 Gale Switzer Into the Jungle II Face Mask, $14

Photo: Society6

This artist-designed face mask is perfect for plant ladies. It’s machine-washable, has woven elastic ear loops, and an inner pocket for disposable filters. (Society6 has a slew of other cute options from artists as well, with proceeds benefiting World Central Kitchen‘s COVID-19 relief efforts.)

4. Old Navy Triple-Layer Cloth Face Masks (Set of 5), $12.50

breathable mask
Photo: Old Navy

These 3-ply, 100 percent cotton breathable masks are soft to the touch with elastic ear straps to keep them in place.

5. Z Supply Face Covering (Set of 4), $24

Photo: Z Supply

The shell of these masks is a cotton-polyester mix, and the lining is 100 percent cotton. They also have ear straps to keep them in place.

6. BeatBasic Face Mask (Set of 2), $13

breathable mask
Photo: BeatBasic

Aside from the breathable cotton fabric, these face masks also have an adjustable nose bridge wire that ensures you get the perfect fit.

7. Milk N Toast Face Mask with Filter, $10

Photo: Milk N Toast

This soft cotton face mask comes with a pocket for filters. It’s also double-layered and has comfortable ear loops.

8. Shashi Face Mask, $11

Photo: Shashi

This double-layered jersey cotton mask is soft and cozy. Plus, who doesn’t need a little tie-dye in their life?

9. Urban Outfitters Printed Reusable Face Mask, $8

Photo: Urban Outfitters

This face mask has adjustable ties that go around the ears, making it easy to get a snug fit. It’s also made from a cotton, rayon, and spandex blend that’s breathable yet cozy.

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