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Burt's Bees announces protein powder Pin It
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Burt’s Bees may be your go-to beauty line for lip shimmers and soothing tea-based makeup removing towelettes, but its newest product is a huge departure from the makeup and skin-care items that line the shelf at your favorite drugstore.

Today the brand launched its first-ever protein powder. And not just any formula, but pea protein. The plant-based option has been on a major upswing, thanks to its reputation as an easy-to-digest powder with a creamy (read: easier to mix) texture.

Burt's Bees protein powder
Photo: Burt’s Bees

Look for three formulas on the shelves: Besides Daily Protein, the core protein powder, Protein + Gut Health was crafted with probiotics, specifically with gut health in mind. The third, Healthy Radiance, contains vitamins A, C, and E—all essential for good skin and strong hair.

Burt’s Bees is in good company when it comes to powerful powders: Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust is already a cult favorite, Beauty Chef’s Glow has prebiotics and superfoods, and more than a few brands are selling collagen drinks to keep skin plump and wrinkles away. (If you’ve ever dealt with a puffy face the morning after a cocktail party or breakouts due to dairy, you already know that what you eat really can show up all over your face.)

Burt’s Bees’ new protein powders are available starting December 19 on its website, on Amazon next week, and will soon be in drugstores everywhere.

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