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Photo: Instagram/@yarashahidi

When it comes to anti-inflammatory beauty powerhouses, turmeric rules right now—even celebrities are keen on using it in “miracle” face masks or de-puffing ice cubes (seriously). But 17-year-old actress Yara Shahidi swears by the radiance-inducing power of another super herb: cardamom.

According to an interview with Byrdie, the stylish star of ABC’s Black-ish learned all about beauty as a healthy byproduct of eating well and self-care. And her Iranian-American-slash-African-American family taught her this genius skin-boosting hack.

“There is this focus on skin care and having a great base that I’ve learned from both sides of my family,” says Shahidi, whose skin is way beyond what mine looked like as a teenager (sigh). “That starts with eating well, and using cardamom to cleanse is part of it.”

“It’s about making sure that you internally take care of yourself, that you focus on fixing more than what’s externally visible.”

Why cardamom? Shahidi notes that it has a lot of benefits that show up on your face. Besides being anti-inflammatory (key for fighting pimples), it’s high in vitamin C, and it stimulates circulation (which improves your complexion).

“One of the only ingredients in Persian tea is cardamom,” explains Shahidi. “So it’s really about finding those things, whether it’s a tea or juice, that help supplement your skin-care routine through your diet. It’s about making sure that you internally take care of yourself, that you focus on fixing more than what’s externally visible.” Talk about wise beyond her years.

Anyone else up for a chai latte?

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