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Photo: Flickr/Eva Rinaldi

Though Cate Blanchett wasn’t the one reverse-aging in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, you could say she’s doing it IRL. The Australian beauty and Oscar-winning actress’ porcelain skin has remained virtually unchanged over the course of her uber-successful career.

Besides starting her day with lemon water (a celeb fave), wearing minimal makeup, and always covering up with sunscreen, the star revealed another key beauty secret that keeps her glowing—no matter how often she has to fly for work.

“I mask on the plane, but I wait until the lights go off.”

In a recent interview with Allure, Blanchett revealed how she deals with the dreaded (and drying) air on airplanes: She’s all about doing treatments mid-flight.

“I mask on the plane, but I wait until the lights go off,” she says (relatable to those of us who don’t quite have the guts to look like a scary movie villain in front of a bunch of strangers). “Although sometimes I’m so desperate I can’t wait, so I’ll put an eye mask on.”

Blanchett also notes that she keeps a facial mist with her for up-in-the-air skin refreshers. Hey, doing your beauty routine at 40,000 feet isn’t the craziest thing celebrities do while they travel—it’s not like Blanchett has her SoulCycle bike in tow, a la Lady Gaga. And let’s face it: You definitely can’t argue with her results.

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