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Photo: Instagram/@cmmanhaes

Post-workout primping is stressful. A crowded locker room gets so hot that even after a shower, you’re typically struggling to apply makeup to a still-sweaty face. And all the hair dryers going at once gets things even more heated. All this is on top of the fact that you’re changing out of your damp bra in front of strangers.

That’s why after-gym beauty hacks are always welcome. So the trend coming out of Fashion Week (and seen on cool-girl Italians) is a breath of fresh (h)air—and makes for a super-simple way to rock a chic hairstyle even if you don’t have time to wash it after an intense workout.

Seen on the runways of Fendi, Ralph Lauren, and Coach, as well as on the enviable locks of street style it-girls, the center part is making a major comeback. And it’s an easy way to upgrade your mane to model-status: Take your hair out of its ponytail (or boxer braids!), slick it down (hey, you can even use your sweat for that), and tuck it behind your ears if you want to keep loose strands out of your face.

You can divide your part using a comb, but even that’s not necessary—your hands will do the trick just as well. Split your hair evenly on both sides and voila, instantly ready for the paparazzi. Or, okay, the schlep from Pilates to your weekly women’s circle.

Now that your hairstyle’s covered, what about your face? These are the 9 post-workout miracle beauty products to stash in your makeup bag. And you could always take some inspo from Gwyneth Paltrow—here’s her simple after-gym skin-care regimen.

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