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Photo: Instagram/@monki

In the ’90s and early 2000s, Missy Elliott still reigned supreme on the Top 40 charts, and alongside Lisa Frank everything, puffer jackets were an obvious status symbols of being the hippest kid in the school yard. The coat then went out of style only to re-emerge a few years ago as one of the most divisive outwear garments ever—seriously, people either love them or hate them.

As someone who usually falls into the latter camp (I just…don’t find them flattering), I’m shocked to admit with confidence that this year’s crop of updates on the classic puffer are more cropped, tailored, and—in general—totally chic.

A plethora of textures (velvet!) and colors (bright red, sky blue, millennial pink) join more basic color options while still preserving the primary function of keeping you toasty—and totally stylish—when you step into the frigid winter air, damp after a hot yoga class. They’ll probably also look pretty bomb with some tear-away track pants.

Here are 10 puffer jackets that will have you falling for the born-again trend.

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Layer your puffer with this must-have hoodie or with this season’s winning color combo: black and velvet