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Cindy Crawford beauty must-haves for travel Pin It
Photo: Instagram/cindycrawford

At 51, Cindy Crawford has the smooth, super-glowy skin of a woman half her age—so when she opens about her beauty secrets, it’s time to lean in to hear exactly what she’s got to say.

In Vogue’s latest 73 Questions video, Crawford shares a lot about her life—including her love of chocolate (thus making us twins). But something that really stood out among her answers is that her list of must-have beauty products only includes three items: sunscreen, lip gloss, and mascara—AKA the easiest items ever to squeeze into a carry-on.

When asked about how to age gracefully, she had a simple answer: “Be happy.”

Besides stocking up on her essentials or somehow stealing some of her seriously amazing genetics (see: daughter Kaia, who seems like she’s got almost identical DNA), there’s one other thing to keep in mind if you too want to keep your gorgeousness on lock. When asked about how to age gracefully, she had a simple answer: “Be happy.” And the best part? It won’t cost you a thing.

Take your carry-on packed with Crawford’s essentials (plus some wasabi-flavored toothpaste) on a getaway to one of these dreamy geodesic domes.