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Photo: J. Crew

Comfort is an important tenet of activewear—and it totally makes sense why. I mean, it’s kind of hard to perform at 100 percent in a HIIT class if your sports bra feels like it’s straight-up suffocating you, right? And though ready-to-wear garments have not always shared those same priorities, that’s now shifting in conjunction with the rise of workleisure, the obsession with hygge, and the comeback of the ’90s (the most comfortable decade ever). Not only do hoodies hit that sweet spot between function and fashion, but they’re also having a chic moment on the market (just ask Vetements).

The trend isn’t really surprising considering other nostalgic, oft-controversial garments (like fanny packs) are in the midst of a renaissance of sorts. Bonus: The high-fashion sweatshirts pair well with leggings and will keep you toasty in your inconveniently cold office.

Check out 9 functional and fashionable hoodies below.

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