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Photo: Advisory Board Crystals Pin It
Photo: Advisory Board Crystals

No matter if you’re single or in a Kurt Russell-and-Goldie Hawn-length relationship, you could probably use some heart-opening help for Valentine’s Day. Especially if you’re struggling to get your self-love mojo going (and even the 20-minute-remedy is too long for you), this t-shirt is designed to get the job done—stat.

With a limited-edition, crystal-infused shirt, Advisory Board Crystals—the Los Angeles-based brand known for curating gems based on astrology and numerology—takes “basic tee” to a whole new level.

“The mixture of stones is meant to help all manifestations of love be amplified.”

Its mixture of stone-infused dyes are designed to maximize loving vibes to give the wearer a little extra feeling of warmth and adoration.

The three stones used—rose quartz, rhodochrosite, and opal aura faden quartz—are said to to enhance self-love, increase communication prowess, and attract amore from everyone around you. (Couldn’t everyone use a little bit more of that?)

“The mixture of stones is meant to help all manifestations of love be amplified,” explains Heather Haber, one-half of the brand’s founding couple. Plus, a graphic on the front of the tee depicts a traditional image of St. Valentine with a modern paint job, meant to “represent the love of the present and the future.”

The $60 shirt is available on Advisory Board Crystals’ website today—but with only 50 made, it’s sure to reach Rihanna Creeper status ASAP.

Scroll down to see the crystal-infused “Love Vigilantes” t-shirt, available now, for a limited time.

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Photo: Advisory Board Crystals

“Love Vigilantes” T-shirt, $60

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