Does your favorite manicure spot deserve an “A?”

We bet TenOverTen will get an A+. (Photo: Instagram/Tenoverten)
We bet TenOverTen will get an A+. (Photo: Instagram/Tenoverten)
Places like TenOverTen have a head start on earning an A+ should salons be graded like restaurants, since they’ve made ultimate sterilization part of their brand experience. (Photo: Instagram/Tenoverten)

Remember when you had to break up with your favorite neighborhood restaurant because it had a big fat “B” rating from the Department of Health in the window? Well, in the near future, it could happen at your nail salon, too.

Last month, lawmakers in the Bronx introduced legislation that could potentially rate New York City’s thousands of hair and nail salons on their “cleanliness and competency,” reports Crain’s. The Department of Health currently gives out grades to the city’s restaurants and cafes, and a place gets an A if it meets regulations on food temperature, food handling, and whether or not there are any bugs or mice in the place (ahem, Sweetgreen). Lower grades means the restaurant has to fork over fines—and deal with the wrath of unhappy customers.

On the one hand, it could be great to know that a place you’re judging on convenience (and Yelp) actually has the cleanliness cred to rate, but you could also learn that your favorite spot hasn’t thoroughly sterilized its its pedicure bowls in months. But like they say, the more you know… —Molly Gallagher

In light of the news, we want to hear your beauty horror stories. Has your aesthetician ever double dipped your wax or has your manicurist shared the tools with her neighbor? What do you want to see when it comes to how salons and spas are vetted and graded? Tell us in the Comments section, below


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