Editors’ Picks: June’s best natural beauty launches

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Summer’s in gorgeous full bloom now, ever since that epic solstice-full moon combo, and we’re officially in the midst of BBQs, watermelon towel-lounging pool parties, beach time, and rooftop yoga. What goes perfectly with all of our fave warm weather events? Just-as-seasonal beauty products.

Making our editors’ favorites this month are all-natural mascaras in eye-popping colors, oil for ingrowns (yes, those ingrowns), and an all-purpose de-funking mist for your hands and yoga mat—along with plenty of other essentials that we’re happily slathering, spritzing, and toting around.

Make room in your summer beauty routine for the 8 new products that we’re obsessed with this month.

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bee sweet lip balm
Photo: BeeSweet

Bee Sweet Lip Balm in Cardamom, $10

Created by Pamela Bucklinger—who cares about the declining bee population and plastic pollution problem—Bee Sweet is a sweet and simple line of lip balms that come in a biodegradable paper tube. Bucklinger uses beeswax from a Virginia bee farmer plus all-natural plant oils for crazy lip-quenching results. Her new cardamom flavor and has a slightly sweet yet flavorful taste that leaves your lips drenched in a delish hydration.

oxalis mineral mist
Photo: Oxalis Apothecary

Oxalis Apothecary Mineral Mist, $16

Usually after I wash my face, I slather on a thick moisturizer, sunscreen, and then makeup, so I was hesitant to add yet another product to my A.M. routine. But, like a (very delicious smelling) drug, this mineral mist immediately got me hooked. The texture is so light you don’t feel it, and the jasmine and coconut blend is an instant mood booster, giving off total vacation vibes. I started straying it all over my face a few times a day to refresh both my skin and mind.

fur ingrown concentrate
Photo: Fur

Fur Ingrown Concentrate, $25

Fur’s first product—an all-natural oil meant to soften pubic hair (yup, you read that right)—landed firmly in the things-you-never-knew-you-needed category. But the latest addition to the New York-based brand’s line (joining a stubble cream) is something that most women are likely desperate for: a 100 percent natural oil that specifically heals and prevents ingrown hairs. Instead of using scary ingredients like acids or cortisones, this one relies on the power of coconut oil, tea tree oil, and chamomile to calm even the most bikini-unfriendly outbreak. Plus, it will look way cute on your vanity.

pacifica best day ever hair balm
Photo: Pacifica

Pacifica Best Day Ever 10-in-1 Style Extending Balm, $14

Recent studies have shown that multitasking can actually be pretty detrimental to productivity—you end up doing a lot of things badly, instead of one thing really well. So consider this new product from Pacifica an outlier: Just a pea-sized amount of the passion fruit extract and abyssinian oil-packed balm actually left my (super moody) curly hair looking soft, shiny, and frizz-free. So much for monotasking….

kari gran 365 sunscreen
Photo: Kari Gran

Kari Gran Three Sixty Five SPF 28, $48

Women who “just want something that works” clamor for this curated in-the-know organic beauty line, which is undoubtedly how this daily use sunscreen came to be. While it goes on super zinc-y white, it absorbs really quickly. It feels like you’re wearing a light skin-care serum, which is apropos since it has nourishing avocado and macadamia nut oils in it, too. Makeup layers over it beautifully, so protecting your skin from harmful UV rays isn’t a chore.

soapwalla the spray
Photo: Soapwalla

Soapwalla The Spray, $16

My giant handbag overfloweth with beauty products (and gym clothes), so when this one came along that “sanitizes hands, defunks gym essentials, and deters insects,” you could say both my chiropractor and I were happier for it. Like everything from Soapwalla, The Spray has “a human who cares made this” vibe, and the herbal scent with rosemary, tea tree, and eucalyptus is so pleasant, you wouldn’t know even it was anti-bacterial, especially if you’re used to something like Purell.

province apothecary spot treatment
Photo: Province Apothecary

Province Apothecary Clear Skin Advanced Spot Treatment, $28

It’s no secret that turmeric has crazy healing powers for any and all inflammation issues, so it makes perfect sense that it can also do wonders for your skin and annoying breakouts. Specifically created to treat all kinds of pimples, this serum uses organic turmeric root oil and neem oil to soothe even the deepest-rooted of cystic zits. And don’t be alarmed by the bright color—it rubs on clear—just get ready for your natural glow to come out, and your blemishes to disappear—for good.


w3ll people expressionist mascara
Photo: Instagram/@w3llpeople

W3ll People Expressionist Mascara, $23.50

From W3ll People‘s pioneering line of non-toxic makeup sprung a black mascara that almost broke the internet. It’s an awesome makeup bag staple, but once I tried the line’s new colors—the popping shade of blue, purple, or brown to play with depending on your mood (or what leggings you’re wearing)—it really upped my beauty game. My eyes were highlighted in a way that I didn’t expect and eyelashes were perfectly fanned out minus any clumps, thanks to super hydrating plant oils. It was hard to not wink at everyone who looked my way.

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