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7 Valentine’s Day gifts on Etsy for your four-legged S.O.

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Photo: Stocksy/Studio Firma
Your pup already lives a good life: You’ve swapped out any potentially toxic plants, you feed it a healthy diet, and you talk to it regularly (for health reasons, okay?). But, it’s still totally merited to spoil your furry roommate with a gift to communicate your love. And while your canine companion can’t verbally express gratitude, these gifts from Etsy are sure to brighten its day (and yours too, TBH).

And, according to Etsy’s trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, a whole lot of pet parents are onboard using Valentine’s Day to celebrate the four-legged love of their life. “With over 200,000 search results for pet gifts, Etsy has you covered with the most unique items that your furry friend is sure to love, from personalized bowls to handmade frosted treats and everything in-between,” she said.

And even thought these gifts are technically for your pet, seeing your dog (any dog really) in a bow tie or waking up to a hanging a custom portrait of it is really a gift to yourself too.

Celebrate your furry friend this Valentine’s Day with these unique finds on Etsy.

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Not only are dogs smarter than their feline counterparts, but having one can also improve your lifespan.

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