The life-changing secret to balancing oily skin

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It’s basic math that adding oil to oil equals more oil, right? That might be the case while you’re mixing up salad dressing, but when it comes to your skin-care routine, it’s not that simple. Just because you’re reaching for the blotting paper come 3 p.m. doesn’t mean you’ve got to stay away from facial oils.

The truth is that the ultra-buzzy (and often natural) moisturizing method is beneficial to all skin types—and, when used properly, can even help keep acne at bay. The key, according to one facialist, is making sure you incorporate a simple—but crucial—step to your routine: Spritz on a facial mist just before you slather on your face oil.

“The major mistake people make when using facial oils is not hydrating their face first.”

“The major mistake people make when using facial oils is not hydrating their face first,” says Britta Plug, a New York City-based holistic aesthetician. “You want to saturate your face with moisture first—your skin’s spongelike, so it soaks everything up.”

Plug notes that a simple rose or spring water will do the trick. Think of it as the carrier that will deliver the oil’s nutrients through your skin. Skip this quick, hydrating step, and post-cleanser your skin might “feel greasy, and you don’t actually get the moisture,” she says. (Gross, but true—I definitely experienced this the first few times I reached for a bottle.)

An added bonus to trying out her beauty hack? This (magical) two-step process does the same job as a moisturizer, but in ultra-pure form. That’s because you’re removing a laundry list of nasty chemicals (including emulsifiers, stabilizers, or preservatives) from your routine. “It’s a much cleaner skin-care product from the get-go,” Plug notes. And the end result? Pretty flawless, too.

Keep reading for aesthetician-tested, editor-approved products for both steps.


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