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Photo: Instagram/@mulleinandsparrow

My path to discovering facial-steam products (AKA my personal skin-care miracle) was a long one. I started with masks, as I love how they make my skin feel, but since I absolutely hate taking them off, I exclusively stuck to the three-minute flash varieties or overnight versions. Unfortunately, those didn’t yield the desired results of supple skin and clean pores. (But, remember, this is just me, folks! There are so many types of skin, and different regimens work for different people.) But when I finally discovered facial steam, which comes with the added bonus of providing a restorative ritual, I finally stumbled on the pore-opening cleanse my skin craved.

Here’s how it works: You steep the mixture in a large and open-mouthed bowl of hot water, then hold your face above the emanating steam for the prescribed amount of time (usually five to seven minutes). The main takeaway of the experience is to open pores, though it also acts like an extremely gentle exfoliant and leaves you with a je ne sais quoi glow.

Since the name of the game during peak hygge season is to spend a little extra time pampering yourself, I’m totally down with the luxurious, facial steam routine. (Is there any better excuse than waiting for glowing skin to generate to turn on a seasonally appropriate vinyl record and take some deep, restorative breaths? Didn’t think so.)

Plus, the steam mask will certainly make your apartment feel like a mini spa—especially if it’s decked out in mood-boosting plants.

Get clear with these facial steams below.

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