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Photo: Instagram/@gucci

Fashion is all about the cycle of trends being widely adored before being discarded and then loved again years later. Everything from the scrunchies you thought were nothing more than a middle school relic to the stirrup leggings your mom did Jazzercise workouts in and the puffy jackets of your Missy Elliott–filled youth are all back in style. And while it’s not so hard to re-embrace those harmless aforementioned fashion staples of yesteryear, other trends are more polarizing when it comes to a chic second life. Case in point: the fanny pack.

I know—it’s really incredulous to think that the fanny pack is making any sort of comeback, but according to Ebay sales, it was one of the most popular throwback trends of 2017. (Also, the item is now sometimes called a “belt bag,” in case your concern is less aesthetic than having to say “yes, this is my fanny pack.”)

So in the interest of living that hands-free, high-fashion lifestyle, pair a fanny pack with some tear-away tracksuit pants to live your best ’90s life as you hit the gym.

Keep scrolling to to see 8 trendy fanny packs that’ll expand your athleisure style.

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