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Amazon users love this Revlon hair dryer Pin It
Photo: Stocksy/Mosuno

Buying something as mundane as a hair dryer can feel a bit like Russian roulette: How can you really be sure that one electric air hose is better than the rest of the identical-looking versions lining digital shelves? Enter Amazon customers and their reviews, which are making shopping easier, one product at a time (see towels and bedsheets).

Take, for example, the Revlon 1875W Infrared Hair Dryer.  PopSugar reports that this particular model is wildly pined over by Amazon customers, with nearly 1,000 reviews and a 4.5 star rating. Most of the (glowing) feedback mentions how fast and powerful the dryer is—likely due to its infrared technology—which should drastically cut down the time you need to blast hot air at your head, and, thus, lessen the potential for dreaded arm fatigue.

Do you know how life-changing a blow-dryer would have to be for me to leave a review of it? Well, according to some of the dryer’s devotees, the hype is justified, especially considering the reasonable price ($17).

The dryer also has a little bit built-in of woo-woo magic, courtesy of tourmaline (the crystal Khloe Kardashian credits for her glowing skin), which is credited with the shine-boosting effect many reviewers mention. And even if you just got five extra minutes in the morning, that’s enough to change your day (hello, confidence-building yoga flow, quickie boxing workout, and gut-calming breathwork exercise).

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