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7 feminist needlepoint works to inspire empowerment *and* mindfulness

Feminist needlepoint and embroidery Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@babyfacepress

There are the obvious and overt ways to fight the patriarchy, like protesting in the streets or starting an organization à la Ladies Get Paid, and then there are the more micro-but-still-important ways to dismantle oppressive systems: enter feminist needlepoint.

Instagram, Pinterest, and Etsy (where Baby Face Press’s work, pictured above, is sold) have provided a place for those who practice the craft of needlepoint to showcase badass works of feminist art.

And with hygge and staying-in season here, now’s the best time to pick up the the creative, functional hobby that can inspire mindfulness while simultaneously allowing you to artfully rage against the patriarchy.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own project or are shopping for some empowering decor for your healthy home, here are some arty examples of boss babes getting right to the ‘point.

See the patriarchy-fighting needlepoint below.

Get Started
Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Etsy/SweetLimeEmbroidery

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Stay cozy while you dismantle the patriarchy with some hygge socks and a cozy throw blanket.