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Photo: Revolve

Forget the subtle cutout—the of-the-moment legging trend just got a whole lot meshier.

From Nike to Alo, brands are swathing practically the entire leg in the ultra-breathable fabric, with just the upper-thigh area getting any sort of coverage. (It’s even Beyonce-approved—Ivy Park’s gone in on the look too.)

The mesh trend picked up steam a few years back, giving otherwise basic activewear a coy, peek-a-boo look. And it served a function too, making sweaty, constricting workout clothes a lot more breathable. It’s no surprise the maximum exposure style is taking off right before the hottest months of the year—summer temps are no time to be all covered up.

Rounded up here are the coolest styles—literally—of thigh-to-ankle-grazing mesh leggings. Rock ’em to feel the breeze during a sunset run or when you sweat it out during a Bikram session. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen first to avoid some pretty interesting tan lines.

Ready to trade in your basic cutouts for the bigger—and breezier—way to rock mesh? Keep reading to shop the look.
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