9 cheeky (but still chic) wellness-obsessed tanks that say everything you’re thinking

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Photo: Instagram/@ashbegash

Sometimes you let your gym bag do all the talking. But if you really want to wear your heart on your sleeve, you need a statement tee.

How else will you be able to express your love of avocado when your mouth is stuffed with avo-toast—or get across what’s on your mind when your mind is in a very groggy, tired, never-want-to-get-out-of-bed mood?

Whether you’re prepping for savasana in yoga, fiercely hitting the bag in boxing, or just heading to brunch—don’t say it, display it.

Scroll down to see the nine cheekiest—and chicest—tanks that simply say it all.

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Photo: Le Motto

#ActuallySheCan Tank, $32

The tank to wear when you’re mid-marathon training. Plus, the majority of proceeds go to AcademyWomen, a non-profit organization created by and for military women.

Photo: Wicked Custom Apparel

Wicked Custom Apparel Muscle Tank, $14.99

That era in music taught you everything you need to know about love—and it set a high standard. (We’ll always settle for those tunes mid-workout though.)

Photo: Sundry

Sundry Vitamin Sea Tank, $75

You know how important vitamin D is to your gut health—see ya, IBS—but it turns out vitamin sea is just as important. Seriously, it’s not only a serious mood booster, but it also might be the ultimate healing practice. (SUP retreat, anyone?)

Photo: Private Party

Private Party Spin Class & Chill Tank, $52

For when Netflix-and-chill just won’t cut it.

Photo: Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe Striped Cropped Graphic Tank, $10

In case you needed another piece of avocado apparel in your life, this one lets the server at your favorite cafe know that yes, you would like avo-slices on top of your salad/grain bowl/toast.

Photo: Chrldr

Chrldr Can’t Muscle Tee, $52

You made it to your 6 a.m. boot camp class, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to chat quite yet—you need those endorphins to kick in ASAP.

Photo: The Laundry Room

The Laundry Room Muscle Tee, $83

And then some days you decide that an early morning workout just isn’t happening.

Photo: Spiritual Gangster

Spiritual Gangster Here for the Savasana Muscle Tank, $48

Even the most enthusiastic yogi in the midst of a teacher training program would probably admit that savasana is the best part of class.

Photo: Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga A Tucking Awesome Crop, $49

You truly, truly are—especially because we know how much your pulsing muscles are cramping in that barre class.

Ready to take these tanks on the road? These wellness retreats are celeb magnets. And you can pair your chic tee with an even chicer trend: ripped activewear.

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