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Celebrate your loyal Scorpio bestie with these 12 gifts

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Photo: Instagram/@urbanoutfitters

Scorpio season is here, and with it comes nonstop reasons to party—there’s today, October 26th, AKA the luckiest day of the year and Halloween right around the calendar corner. With all the chaos and causes for celebration, it’s a bit understandable if you forget about your Scorpio pal’s upcoming birthday.

But since friends of this zodiac sign are both brutally honest and extremely loyal, you probably don’t want to miss their special day (because you’ll be hearing about it later). And if you are the Scorpio in question, all the more reason to indulge in some birthday-month self-care.

These products include versatile options that run the gamut of everyday-appropriate (a cotton T-shirt) and the type of stuff Liberace would be into (a light-up clutch). Treat yourself, treat your Scorpio friend, and celebrate the spooky season in astrologically aligned style.

See the Scorpio-worthy products below.

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