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Gucci Home Launch Pin It
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If you live in Luon and swear by spandex, it only makes sense that your living room is styled accordingly. Fortunately, there’s a new home collection for that (thanks to Lululemon, ivivva, and Pottery Barn).

But if your at-home aesthetic is more geared toward tarot card vibes and a dreamy-meets-quirky personal altar, start saving up, because Gucci Décor is coming.

“If you make pieces easily moveable, you can constantly dress and re-dress your environment.”

Earlier this week, the Italian fashion house announced its first home collection, which will be available online and in select stores in September.

“The idea is not to prescribe a particular decorative look, but to provide elements that allow for living spaces to be customized,” the brand, which is under the creative leadership of Alessandro Michele, said in a release. The “eclectic collection of items” includes tassel-adorned cushions, candles, bold pink and yellow metal incense trays, and statement-making upholstered dining chairs, screens, and wallpaper.

Michele’s vision is that “if you make pieces easily moveable, you can constantly dress and re-dress your environment,” the brand says.

The items are super-luxe (the embroidered, hand-applied motifs take 10 hours to complete!), with prices to match: starting at $190 for the candles and incense trays and going up to a $30,000 for the splashy silk screens.

So forget “Who are you wearing?” and expect to start hearing “Who designed your end table?”

If you can’t wait until September, here’s how to give your home an energetic makeover in the meantime. Just be sure to keep it clean—the right way