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Photo: Instagram/@haileybaldwin

Sneakers have been a part of business casual dress code for a while, and New York Fashion Week’s elite are rocking them everywhere. But when they become wedding-appropriate, they’ve officially made it to high fashion.

Over the weekend, Hailey Baldwin proved that the sporty style is here to stay: While in Hawaii for a friend’s wedding, the model wore a glam silver maxi dress, a top knot hairdo, and—to finish off the look—black lace-up sneakers.

And not just any ballet-inspired sneakers. The 20-year-old gave the Creeper-inspired Puma satin sneakers the dancer treatment by tying up the laces around her ankles. (To give it a dressier feel perhaps?)

Although alongside the bride and groom—who were both wearing old school Vans high tops—she dressed the part perfectly.

Scroll down to see the badass bridal look—and let us know, would you rock sneakers to a wedding?

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Photo: Instagram/@haileybaldwin

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