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Photo: Stranger Things

When Halloween candy has taken over every drugstore’s seasonal aisle, it’s time to think about your festive costume (and then, of course, all the healthy(ish) trick-or-treat chocolate). Because really, what is Halloween without a solid costume?

But, if you didn’t budget to drop your whole paycheck on a goals-worthy holiday getup you only plan to wear for a few hours, your solution—or rather, multiple solutions—is right in your activewear drawer.

Those leggings you purchased from the Beyond Yoga sale and that Monreal London crop top you splurged on a few months ago can help you create the perfect Halloween look—minimal effort required (aside from a bit of nostalgia and creative ingenuity, of course). After all, you want to keep your leggings piggy bank in good shape for whatever cool design Bandier drops next.

So, check out the fashionable pieces you already own—and consult the following list of activewear-inspired looks to get the juices flowing.

Check out 5 easy activewear Halloween costume ideas below.

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Photo: Stranger Things

1. Eleven, Stranger Things


Photo: The Royal Tenebaums

2. Chas, Uzi, and/or Ari Tenenbaum, The Royal Tenenbaums

Get the Tenenbaums' hair


Photo: Clueless

3. Cher, Dionne, or Amber, Clueless


Photos: Instagram/@spicegirlsnet

4. Sporty Spice


Photo: Instagram/@princess.diana.forever

5. Princess Diana

Still not sure? This quiz will help you decide who to be for Halloween, or peruse some additional last-minute costume ideas.