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Photo: Instagram/@hannahbronfman

By now, you’ve probably got your signature studio-to-street style down to a science (that crop top-leggings combo is too badass to not wear everywhere, after all). But if your idea of accessorizing ends at sneakers, you could be missing out on a golden opportunity to up your fitness fashion game.

That’s according to HBFIT founder and Adidas Global Ambassador Hannah Bronfman, who’s a fan of yet another retro trend making a cool comeback right now. “I personally loved when the Fly Girls of In Living Color accessorized their outfits with big hoops,” says the DJ and fitness guru, referencing the ’90s look made famous by Jennifer Lopez during her backup dancer days.

“I personally loved when the Fly Girls of In Living Color accessorized their outfits with big hoops.”

Her favorite styles? Thin silver and thick gold hoops because they instantly glam up any activewear look without going overboard—plus, they don’t include any precious stones, which means you don’t have to worry about them as you sweat your way through your Megaformer class. “From a practicality standpoint, it’s great that we can embrace a more casual approach to chicness,” Bronfman adds. Cheers to that!

Two other healthy-gal trends Bronfman’s been known to rock: rose-colored sunglasses and bold-print leggings