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pin-round-up-trend Pin It
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It’s official: Pins are having a major comeback moment.

Whether you stick them on your gym bag strap, tank top, or post-yoga jean jacket, a cute enamel accessory does the work of a cheeky statement tee—only with a bit more subtlety.

Even better? Your healthiest habits, from crystals to power naps, are repped. (Yes, even the beloved avocado has its own pin.)

And unlike sneakers, starting a collection won’t require some serious storage space.

Here are the eight cutest healthy pins to add to your look.

Get Started

Photo: Big Bud Press

Gem Pin, $15

For those days when you forget your bag of crystals, one glance at this beaut will remind you to stay calm, focused, and anxiety-free.


Photo: Pintrill

Peach Pin, $12

A juicy peach is the perfect refreshing treat during summer—and may remind you to stop by that farmers’ market on your way home.


Photo: Pintrill

Careaux x Puma Pin Pack, $40 (for 3)

Go on, rep your sneaker collection—considering all the miles you’ve logged wearing them, they deserve a little love.


Photo: Pintrill

Lemonade Pin, $15

Stressed at work? Drama with a friend? Fight with your boyfriend? When in doubt, just think WWBD—Beyonce, of course—and turn those lemons into lemonade.



‘I Believe in Naps’ Pin, $10

Don’t let naps be the enemy—even Arianna Huffington recommends them! This pin lets you show your support, even while you’re mid-zzz’s.


Photo: Pintrill

Pink Stan Smith Sneaker Pin, $15

You’re already probably wearing these on your feet, so may as well have a matching pin, right?


Photo: Urban Outfitters

Avocado Pin, $10

Just in case you didn’t already have enough avocado apparel—or need a daily reminder that the fruit is the pinnacle of #healthy—this pin should do the trick.


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Photo: Pintrill

Fist Bump Pin, $12

Trying to push through a tough workout? Stressed about a work deadline? Just glance at this fist bump pin and you know you’ve got it.

Need a bag for all your cute new pins? Check out these witty gym bags that say volumes about your workout life. Also, how much do you love these cheeky tanks that say everything you’re thinking?