Healthy Mother’s Day gifts that remake mom in your image

Instead of ordering the same bouquet of eco-unfriendly flowers or buying another bottle of fragrance for Mother's Day, break with tradition and inspire your mom to be more like, um, you.

mother_and_daughter_in jeans It’s easy to fall into a rut, even with once-a-year holidays like Mother’s Day. So instead of ordering the same bouquet of eco-unfriendly flowers or buying another bottle of fragrance, break with tradition and inspire your mom to be more like, um, you.

She doesn’t seem all that interested in yoga, but gear makes the woman.
The gift: A Manduka yoga mat ($36–$100)
Why: Because it’s the Shiva Rea of yoga mats, designed by an architect-turned-yogi who wanted to create the perfect one.

You suspect your mom’s contemplating a face lift and you want to stop her.
The gift: An AcuLift acupuncture facial with the founders of She Essential Beauty ($125)
Why: The hair-thin needles create micro-wounds that boost collagen production and blood flow, meaning they help plump fine lines and wrinkles.

Manduka yoga mats
Manduka yoga mats for mom

She loved going to Exhale with you for Core Fusion class.
The gift: The latest Exhale DVD “Lean and Toned” ($14.49)
Why: You can work off the turkey and mashed potatoes together when you’re home for Thanksgiving.

To say thank you for all the lost sleep when you were a baby.
The gift: The Dream On Gift Set by H. Gillerman Organics ($95)
Why: The high quality essential oils are better to help mom wind down than a second glass of wine and an Ambien. The set also comes with an Essential Oil Deck that explains the health benefits of every essential oil.

She doesn’t yell as much as she used to but you still wouldn’t exactly describe her as Zen.
The gift: Sharon Salzberg meditation cards and CDs: “Unplug: For an Hour, a Day, or a Weekend” ($18)
Why: Because Salzberg is the country’s preeminent meditation teacher for a reason, and her CDs are almost as good as a weekend with her at Kripalu.

You want to green her dressing table.
The gift: Amanda Walker’s A Perfume Organic ($65)
Why: Walker’s created one of the only USDA certified organic fragrances. We especially love Urban Organic, her hand-blended fragrance that contains notes of tangy ginger and smoky vetiver.

You want to green her eating habits.
The gift: A copy of Clean Plates by Jared Koch ($18.95)
Why: Koch has sussed out the city’s healthiest restaurants that don’t skimp on style or taste. And next time she visits, she’ll come with ideas where you both can go for dinner.

She’s still using Ponds cold cream for a “deep cleanse.”
The gift: Naturopathica Pear Fig Polishing Enzyme Peel ($52)
Why: Skin-care ingredients have come a long way, baby.

Satya Hope for Haiti necklace
Satya Hope for Haiti necklace

She doesn’t like you to spend your money on her.
The gift: Hope for Haiti necklace from Satya ($38)
Why: It’s not really her you’re spending your money on; you’ve just made donation to a good cause that comes with the benefit of this pretty little sterling-silver charm necklace.

She doesn’t really workout.
The gift: Fit Flops ($55 and up)
Why: She wore Dr. Scholl’s for slim legs. Plus if she really never goes to the gym, it’s the best way to tell if the tush-firming sandals actually work.

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