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Ah, the world of sought-after, high-end fashion resale listings. Vintage Chanel crossbody bag for $1,500? Check. Patent black Christian Louboutin stilettos for $600? Check. Lululemon ombre printed capris for $800? Wait, what?!

Lululemon pieces have officially jumped into the luxury consignment market with the other (less sweaty) status symbols. The proof? Wunder Unders popping up on eBay for five times their original retail value, and there are even Facebook groups dedicated to sourcing everything Lulu, according to Racked.

On the online consignment shop Tradesy, Lululemon is the fourth most in-demand brand, beating out top designers like Hermès and Tiffany & Co., Racked reports. And whereas most used luxury items are re-sold for less than their retail value, these Lululemon pieces are commanding a lot more—kind of like how scalpers scoop up concert tickets to sell them for a huge profit.

Some “unique” Lululemon items are listed for seven or eight times the original retail value.

Not surprisingly, the phenomena also exists on eBay, where we found a few of the most insanely-priced Lululemon pieces. But with these price tags they might be more worthy of a shrine than your sweat.

What do you think of $700 Lululemon items? Tell us, in the Comments!

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Printed Leggings for $700

These patterned ones are a hot commodity on eBay. There are a few listings and they all list the color-blocked, ombre tights for $500 or more. And you thought $90 was a lot…

lululemon online

Pull-Over Sweatshirt for $898.20

What’s crazy about this one is that it doesn’t look that much different from what you could go into the store and buy for around $100.

lululemon online 4

Striped Capris for $485

We remember when these were in stores a few seasons ago. Apparently women are still pining over them… —Molly Gallagher

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