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Photo: Zara

Is 2017 the year that the cool-girl ballerina look takes over your closet?

It’s looking likely: With dancer body-positivity on the rise and wrapped leggings already a workout staple, there’s finally some footwear to match.

Entering from stage right are these Black Swan-ish lace-ups from Zara. They’ve got ballet flair, but the bones of a sneaker—meaning you can wear them to work and around town on the weekends. And at $49.90, they cost just a little more than a month of custom workouts with Ballet Beautiful. Go ahead, jump—or should I say, jeté—with joy.

Ready to lace up? Get a closer look at this new cool-girl sneaker style.

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Photo: Zara

Zara Lace-up Sneakers, $49.90

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