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Sorry, your regular lip balm can't remove the pronounced flakes that now decorate your winter-wan lips. Three ways to get your smacker back in shape, just in time for Valentine's Day.

chapped lip treatmentYou may have already figured this out, but your regular lip balm can’t remove the pronounced flakes that now decorate your winter-wan lips.

For that you need something stronger, like a scrub for your lips.

Jillian Wright, the facialist-founder of New York City’s Jillian Wright Skin Spa, shares three ways for getting your smacker back in shape, and just in the nick of time for Valentine’s Day:

1. Brush your lips with a soft tooth brush using a bit of water or lip balm, if that helps. Then use a non-stimulating lip balm (no peppermint or cinnamon!) for a couple days.

2. Mix a small amount of olive oil and raw sugar together and use your finger to massage it into your lips. The alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) in sugar help gently dissolve the skin-cell bonds. Don’t forget the corners!

3. Use your facial scrub. Your lips are your face, aren’t they? Apply your regular scrub in small, circular motions around the lip line to slough away dead skin and blackhead build-up. —Melisse Gelula

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