6 steps to getting that perfectly dewy look

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You’re probably seeing it on Instagram, in your fave magazines, and on your office’s dedicated “cool girl”:  Every chic woman lately has that perfectly dewy look down pat. So we tapped W3LL PEOPLE‘s co-founder and makeup guru Shirley Pinkson for her expert advice on getting that not-a-bit-shiny glow that makes you look totally rose-petal fresh.

Pinkson’s first commandment: “Hydrate!” she says. “Makeup is 50 percent skin, so let’s start there.” (BRB, refilling my water bottle.) What else? Pinkson, who kept A-list stars looking amazing for years before co-founding natural beauty line W3LL PEOPLE, has a lot more to say on the subject.

Keep reading for six steps to achieving a gorgeously dewy look.

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1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

“Before applying any makeup, applying a great moisturizer and sunblock is imperative,” says Pinkson. She advises you to tap your moisturizer on: “It awakens the complexion and brings your skin to life.” Also, don’t be afraid of oils. “Facial oils can be loaded with anti-aging and reparative benefits,” says Pinkson.


2. Apply foundation while your skin is damp

Pinkson says you should apply foundation directly after hydrating—yup, while your skin is still damp. “Your foundation will blend in seamlessly,” she swears. To apply your foundation, Pinkson says to use a moist sponge or a wide foundation brush. “Use half the amount of product that you normally would,” she adds. “We tend to overdo coverage.”

For the right color, “choose a golden-based shade that warms the complexion and balances out any redness,” says Pinkson. Opt for W3LL PEOPLE’s Narcissist Foundation Stick in fair golden (#2) or in two other shades: medium neutral (#3) or dark golden (#5).


3. Just dust on facial powder where you’re shiny

Luminous skin doesn’t require a powder, but if you must, says Pinkson, choose a sheer, translucent, radiance-boosting one, like the W3LL PEOPLE Bio Brightener Invisible Powder, she adds. “Lightly dust where shine is prevalent. Ask yourself, ‘Where am I the shiniest one hour after I apply my makeup?’ There’s your spot!”


4. Think like an art major when you pick your concealer shade

“Choose a creamy, weightless concealer with a touch of pink in the shade,” says Pinkson, recommending W3LL PEOPLE’s Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer.  “A concealer with a pink undertone will battle the blues and cleverly conceal the darkness around the eyes.”

Another expert tip: Don’t forget to apply concealer on your upper lids. “This will brighten and open up your eyes instantly,” she says.


5. Don’t be afraid to glow!

“It’s all about strategy here,” says Pinkson. What you’ll need: a sheer, satin highlighter like W3LL PEOPLE’s Bio Brightener Stick. “Apply it to the round of the cheekbone, the bridge of the nose, and on your brow bone for the perfect candlelit glow,” she says. “A great trick to create supple lips is to apply a very thin layer of your highlighter onto the outer edge of the lips before applying a neutral lipstick.”


6. Give a little radiance-boosting love to all of your features

For a brighter, more prominent eyelid, for example, you can add a dab of luminosity on the center of your eyelid. And don’t forget cream blush. W3LL PEOPLE’s Universalist 11 in Nude Peach is perfect for this summer’s peachy cheek. “A creamy blush will enliven and rejuvenate any cheek,” says Pinkson. “Warm your blush onto your complexion using your fingertips, starting two fingers from the nose, blending towards your ear.”

Finally, for healthy, supple lips, you’ll need a lip gloss or sheer lip shine. W3LL PEOPLE’s Bio Extreme Lipgloss 6 in Peachy Pink and Nudist Colorbalm 7 in Nude are perfect options, and, like all W3LL PEOPLE lip products, boast the hydrating benefits of coconut oil and organic castor seed oil.

For more information, visit w3llpeople.com 

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