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Photos: Lou & Grey
Photos: Lou & Grey


The best hour of the day? The one when you get to run, dance, cycle—and sweat. This is the hour that Lou & Grey’s new activewear line, Lou & Grey Form, was made for, and more.

As the athleisure trend continues to heat up, and we’re all wearing our favorite workout pieces into places way beyond the gym, there are so many more potential wardrobe combinations than ever in your closet. (Also an improvement? Not having to tote around half your wardrobe wherever you go, now that tanks and leggings are street chic.)

But how do you take your “fitness identity” and marry it with the other 23 hours of the day? Easy.

We’ve put together a handy guide on how to rock your fitness fashion all day. Click through to see three wardrobe transformations to try right now. And enjoy having a lighter gym bag!

Get Started

Photos: Lou & Grey, S’well, Blanc Noir, Kanken, Performance Bike
Photos: Lou & Grey, S’well, Blanc Noir, Kanken, Performance Bike

It’s the perfect way to get in a little cardio before a long afternoon of fun with friends—hop on your bike and go! Once you’ve locked up your bike and stashed your water bottle and vest in your backpack, you’re ready to ready to catch up and linger over avocado toast and lattes.

1. Hoodie Tee, $54.99

2. Mesh Inset Puffer Vest, $159.00

3. Blue Marble Water Bottle, $35.00

4. Charge Plug Single Speed Road Bike, $545.00

5. Black Cropped Leggings, $59.50

6. Kanken Backpack, $75.00


Photos: Lou & Grey, Athletic Propulsion Labs, Luna Explorer
Photos: Lou & Grey, Athletic Propulsion Labs, Luna Explorer

Leggings (post-yoga, pre-boxing class, any which way!) are the foundation of streetwear chic—the ultimate city girl uniform. Add a V-neck top and a soft striped cowl tunic, and and you’re all set to check out that museum exhibit you’ve been meaning to see, grab a friend for a catch-up over juice, or hunt for seasonal veggies at the green market.

1. Relaxed Signaturesoft V-neck Top, $49.50

2. Striped Signaturesoft Cowl Tunic, $59.50

3. Anorak, $98

4. Luna Explorer Umbria 2 Bag, $295.00

5. Etchblock Leggings in Dark Mink Grey, $59.50

6. Women’s TechLoom Pro Sneakers, $140.00


Photos: Lou & Grey, Givenchy, Chanel
Photos: Lou & Grey, Givenchy, Chanel

For wellness mavens in the know, this is the new dinner-and-a-movie. Sound baths (and group meditation events in general) are having a serious moment—and they’re best enjoyed in comfort. After your energetic tune-up, just add some loafers, jewelry, and a cool kimono sweater, and you’re ready for a yummy dinner out.

1. Grey Kimono Cardigan, $89.50

2. New Refined Basics Hammered Oval Earrings, $59.50

3. Iridescent Lambskin Loafers, $750.00

4. Small Backpack, $1,790

5. Lineblock Leggings, $59.50

6. Hollywood Fodder Pantages Cuff, $58.00