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You want your home to be a good-vibes-only zone, but the occasional stress from work, travel, or your impending wedding can harsh the positivity you’ve been carefully cultivating (you put tourmaline under your bed and everything!). Lucky for you, there’s an ancient ritual known for its precise ability to clean energy, restore balance, and banish negativity. Grab some matches, sage, and palo santo—and prepare to smudge.

“[Sage] releases negative ions, which research has linked to creating a more positive mood.”

According to reiki expert Kelsey Patel, when sage is burned “it releases negative ions, which research has linked to creating a more positive mood.” On the other hand, palo santo (which literally translates to “holy wood”) is touted for its clearing, healing, grounding, and uplifting  properties. Basically, it packs quite the positive punch. Patel says she reaches for her palo stash “if I’m feeling disconnected to myself or if I’ve had a really busy day and am ready to take a meditation break to bring me back to center.”

In this episode of “Good Vibes,” we share Patel’s expert tips for burning away your home’s negativity and ushering in feel-good energy—without setting your apartment on fire.

Watch the video above for a quick smudging tutorial.

Amp up your home’s good vibes even more with some careful crystal placement and these tips from woo-woo guru Latham Thomas